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  • Published: 30 days ago

Announcement: Ski Bolivia – Bolivian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Bolivia

Bolivia Ski Bolivia Bolivian ski resorts

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As spring and summer sun melts the snow in the Northern Hemisphere, savvy skiers pack up and travel south to the great ski centers in South America where the ski season begins in mid-June and runs to October. You’ll find the best conditions in July and August.

Though by no means the best place to look for skiing in the Andes there are some skiing areas in Bolivia, a couple of tiny resorts and some good ski-mountaineering opportunities.

Despite being a beautiful and vast country, Bolivia is one of the least visited countries in South America owing to its out-of-the-way nature. It is situated in the middle of South America and is surrounded in all directions by the Andes and jungle. Bolivia is famed for its Inca connection and its stark landscape of towering Andean peaks and dense Amazon jungle, while La Paz is the highest capital city in the world. However, one of Bolivia’s most endearing sights is Lake Titicaca.

Chacaltaya is Bolivias one and only ski resort and it is located in Cordillera Real. While it is open year round, the ski lift only operates in the rainy season, with the ski season starting as early as mid-September. However, due to the lofty altitude at over 17,000 feet, skiing here late in the season can be treacherous.

Entry into Bolivia by air is through La Pazs El Alto International Airport, which sits at nearly 13,000 feet above sea level and is one of the world’s highest airports. Large planes cannot land here because of the high altitude and direct flights from worldwide destinations to La Paz are limited. Many international arrivals must go via another city. You can also get to Bolivia by bus from Peru, Argentina and Brazil, although this usually involves at least one change.

Travel inside the country between major cities is best done by air as the roads are unforgiving and although cheap, buses here can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Driving here can also be very difficult as potholes and rough tracks are common and tourist facilities are lacking.

If you’re travelling here, we recommend that you take a good guidebook. We like the layout and content of the Lonely Planet book. It provides an excellent mix of travel information and practical advice. Click below to purchase. You won’t regret buying it!

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Chacaltaya ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Bolivia

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