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  • Published: 59 days ago

Ski Pakistan – Pakistani ski resorts

Ski holidays in Pakistan

Pakistan Ski Pakistan - Pakistani ski resorts

Sandwiched between India and Afghanistan, Pakistan is a great country for outdoor lovers, with its stunning and varied landscapes and mixture of cultures. There are some fascinating cities and hundreds of interesting ancient villages and archaeological remains, yet most tourists visit Pakistan for the superb trekking on offer here. Pakistan also boasts a few ski resorts with the ski season running from January to March.

The only major ski area in Pakistan is Malam Jabba. Located near Afghanistan and 200 miles from the capital of Islamabad, Malam Jabba is situated in the lofty Karakoram Range. The ski resort has good facilities, a couple of chairlifts and great sliding. Malam Jabba receives some excellent snow and there are plentiful alternative winter activities available here.

Malam Jabba reaches heights of almost 9,000 feet and boasts a 656-foot vertical, while lodgings are also provided. The two other, smaller resorts in Pakistan are Nalter and Nathiagali.

Karachi is the main air hub for international arrivals into Pakistan and there are also airports at Islamabad, Gwadar, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar. You can also get into Pakistan overland by rail from India and Iran, while buses run from Delhi to Lahore and roads come in from China, India and Iran.

Travelling by air within Pakistan is both cheap and convenient. Rail access is minimal, while buses cover routes across the country, but can be uncomfortable. Driving is not really recommended in Pakistan as the cities are congested and mountain roads are rough at best.

Tourists are always more susceptible to hazards when travelling in an unfamiliar environment. While Pakistan is a relatively safe country, driving on mountainous roads places you at a greater risk of having an accident.

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