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  • Published: 10 days ago

Ski Singapore – Singaporean ski resorts

Ski holidays in Singapore

Singapore Ski Singapore - Singaporean ski resorts

When they tell you it does not snow in Singapore, do not believe them hundred percent. Tell them Snow City in Singapore provides snow for everybody in Singapore. It is the first permanent indoor snow centre in Singapore, located on the western part of sunny Singapore.

Many Singaporeans have never experienced the cold weather, especially snow, since the lowest recorded temperature ever in Singapore is 19.4°C, and that was recorded way back in 1934. With Snow City, visitors and locals alike now have the option of heading to the western part of Singapore and experience a winter getaway.

Snow City is a three thousand square meters centre, with facilities spreading over 2 storeys. The Snow Chamber, which occupies almost fifty percent of the building, is covered with snow. The chamber is constantly maintained at a minus 5°C, and there will be something for almost everyone at the Snow City.

The complex boasts a 60-metre-long slope, which tilts at 14 degrees, extends the entire length of the building, with a gradient sloping from ground level to almost three storeys high at the top end. There is a walkway on one side of the slope, which allows visitors easy access to the top. You can slide down the slope in several ways. The main activity is snow tubing, which is a hit amongst visitors to the Snow City. You sit on inflatable snow tubes, and slide down the slope. It is a fun experience even for adults, and children love sliding down themselves or with their parents with them.

For more advanced or adventurous visitors, there are certain allocated times for those who wish to ski or snowboard.

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