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  • Published: 21 days ago

Ski Taiwan – Taiwanese ski resorts

Ski holidays in Taiwan

Taiwan Ski Taiwan Taiwanese ski resorts

Hohuan Shah, the Mountain of Harmonious Happiness, looming 3,420 meter above the sea level is Taiwan’s only winter ski resort. For about two months each year, from January to March, heavy snowfall turns the mountain white. A 400 meters long lift carries skiers up the slopes. Even in summer, the heat rarely rise above 15 degree Celsius. Hiking, mountain climbing and hot springs bathing are the most attractive recreational activities in the summer time.

Yushan is the highest mountain in Taiwan at 13,113 feet (3,997 metres). It rises near the centre of the island as part of the Central Range. It is located in the Yushan National Park, which is popular with tourists.

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