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  • Published: 28 days ago

Ski Tibet – Tibetan ski resorts

Ski holidays in Tibet

Tibet Ski Tibet - Tibetan ski resorts

There are ski tours for advanced backcountry skiers in several ranges of central and eastern Tibet. In central Tibet you can traverse part of the Southern Tibet/northern Sikkim Himalaya. These peaks have hardly been climbed, much less skied. In many spots the glaciers of these peaks descend to isolated monasteries, alpine lakes, and meadows. A dirt road runs parallel to the range offering access to the landcruisers which follow your progress throughout the trip.

In east Tibet’s Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region, a stunning range of low angle glaciated peaks known locally as the Gongkala Shan, offers endless potential for ski touring.

Routes here traverse the range from east to west. In both central and eastern Tibet locations you can travel in areas rich in Tibetan culture. Though many of the camps will be on or near glaciers, some will be near restricted villages and monasteries seldom if ever visited by foreigners. As with other central Tibet ski tours, you will be supported by landcruisers on the east Tibet routes.

All trips are guided by professional guides with expertise in backcountry ski touring. During the approach and exit from the ski destinations, there will be ample opportunity to visit some of these fascinating Tibetan Buddhist strongholds.

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