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  • Published: 74 days ago

Ski Uzbekistan – Uzbekistani ski resorts

Ski holidays in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Ski Uzbekistan - Uzbekistani ski resorts

Uzbekistan has become one of the most attractive places in the world for mountain skiing and snowboarding on virgin snow. As the enthusiasts of Free-Ridebelieve, for this type of activity the mountains of the WesternTien-Shan, situated only withinone-hourdrive from the capital of Uzbekistan — City of Tashkent, have exclusively favorable combination of snow blanket quality, country topography and climate conditions.

The Free-Ridein Uzbekistan is one of the youngest but fast developing types of recreation. The resort area in the mountain region has become the center of such recreation, and for its picturesque landscapes it was named “Uzbek Switzerland”. This region represents the vast territory within the National park, whose unique nature characteristics are well known in the world. On the territory of the park itself and adjoining areas located on the territories of the neighboring states, there has been implemented the trans-boundaryproject on the preservation of biodiversity. The project is sponsored by Global Ecological Fund, European Union and the World Bank.

Thanks to the efforts of the country’s government, “Uzbek Switzerland” turns into big center of international tourism. Over the last few years there appeared here resort complexes with modern hotels, cozy cottages, sport entertainment structures, swimming pools, bars and restaurants. For the snowboarders and alpine skiers there were builtchair-liftsand ski-lifts. For those who fancy free ride there were constructed helicopter grounds.

The most popular are three resorts situated in the environs of the picturesque artificial lake Charvak: “Charvak Oromgohi”, “Chimgan Oromgohi” and “Beldersay Oromgohi”. In translation from Uzbek the word “oromgoh” means “making healthier”. And this word was used not accidentally — the purpose of all three resorts is to use healthy mountain climate for health rehabilitation and good rest.

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