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  • Published: 78 days ago

Ski Corsica – Corsican ski resorts

Ski holidays in Corsica

Corsica Ski Corsica - Corsican ski resorts

Corsica is a small mountainous island situated slap bang in the middle of the Mediterranean sea close to Italy and Sardinia. It was the birthplace of Napoleon at a time when Corsica was independent of France.

The snow is usually very good above 1800 meters and can be found down to 1400 meters depending on the conditions. Skiing is possible from December through to April but you can only rely on snow after mid-January. There are currently three downhill ski areas on the island and always talk of projects of creating a real ski resort in the style of the Southern Alps.

In years past ice used to be transported all year long from peaks around Vizzavona to thirsty drinkers in the cafes of Ajaccio. In 1934 the worst avalanche of this century occurred on the slopes of Castagniccia at only 700 meters altitude, sweeping through the village of Ortiporio and killing 37 people. These days the winter snows are somewhat less sure.

Before you get ideas of snow, sex and sun in the isle of savage beauty you should be aware that Corsica is basically a 2,500 meter high rock surrounded by huge expanses of ocean. As such it catches every weather system as it tracks across Europe. Off piste skiers and freeriders need to carry an altimeter, maps and compass and know how to use them.

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