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  • Published: 36 days ago

Ski Cyprus – Cypriot ski resorts

Ski holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus Ski Cyprus Cypriot ski resorts

Can’t decide between a winter sun holiday or a ski break? Head to Cyprus and you could be cruising down the slopes of the Troodos Mountains in the morning and sipping ouzo by the pool in the afternoon. Average winter temperatures are around 21C at sea level, while at 1,952m up in the mountains — the height of the top of Mount Olympus — it’s often cold enough for a blanket of snow.

Skiing is concentrated on the slopes of Mount Olympus, which at 1,952 metres is the highest peak in the Troodos Mountains. There are six different runs on the four main slopes, two in Sun Valley and two on North Face. Aphrodite (150m) and Hera (350m) slopes are suitable for beginners. Hermes (150m) and Zeus or Dias (500m) are suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers respectively. There is a ski school and ski equipment for rent at Sun Valley and catering facilities at the slopes.

The ski season runs from mid-January to mid-March and, while snow is not guaranteed, they’ve never had a winter without it — so it’s all about booking late.

The sport of skiing first appeared on Cyprus sometime around 1934, when a group of people created the first ‘Mountaineering Club’ of the island. After World War II, the Cyprus Ski Club was created in 1947 and since then it has a leading role in the development of skiing on the island. The first lift was built and operated on the eastern face of Mt Olympus, while a second lift was built in 1951 to the west of Troodos Square.

Today many hundreds of Cypriots and perhaps as many foreigners enjoy the wonderful sport of skiing every winter on the beautiful slopes of Mt Olympus. Skiing, with its 60 year plus history on this island, is here not only to stay, but to continue its growth. The nearest airport to Mt Olympus is Larnaka.

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