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  • Published: 178 days ago

Ski Denmark – Danish ski resorts

Ski holidays in Denmark

Denmark Ski Denmark Danish ski resorts

It may seem rather unusual to read about winter holidays and skiing in Denmark, but this country certainly offers the opportunity to ski there. In many ski areas of Denmark, the mountains are no higher than 100 meters but still they offer the all year-round possibility to go downhill and even to indulge cross-country skiing.

For example, in Silkeborg in Jutland there’s a nylon track so that one can enjoy going down the slopes all year round. There are lifts there as well. There is a nice way to keep fit and have fun not only for grown-ups, even little ones can use sleds to toboggan down the slopes. It’s surely better to ski when the track is wet or covered with snow, that’s why on dry days it is kept moist with the help of the water-sprayers.

There are some more Denmark ski resorts and one of them is DanParcs ski centre. DanParcs Rønbjerg is in Ranum and further north Gjern glegene DanParcs Søhøjlandet Center can be found. Another popular ski resort in Denmark is situated in a Copenhagen suburb Rødovre and named Hedelands Ski Centre. It’s possible not only to ski there but also play hockey, ice-skate and much more.

There are a lot of rentals where you can borrow necessary skiing equipment. If the weather is rainy it would be clever of you to pack in your racksack some waterproof clothes. In addition to skiing, some other activities are also provided. For example, you can visit a swimming pool, have some walk in the forest or enjoy fishing.

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