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  • Published: 67 days ago

Announcement: Ski Greenland – Greenlandic ski resorts

Ski holidays in Greenland

Greenland  Ski Greenland Greenlandic ski resorts

In spite of Greenland’s status as a relatively unspoilt ski destination, from February until April it is possible for skiers to enjoy Greenland’s extensive nature in the classic cross-country disciplines, as well as the alpine disciplines in some of the larger towns. The capital of Nuuk, for example, has an alpine ski lift of 1,100 metres (3,600 feet) and several kilometres of prepared cross-country ski runs.

The areas around Maniitsoq and Uummannaq are perfect for heli-skiing for any intrepid souls looking for a more extreme form of the sport. Heli-skiing in Greenland has the advantage that the heli-ski areas are located at lower altitudes than those in Europe and the USA. This means that there is more oxygen in the air and thus more energy for those wishing to enjoy the chance of skiing in virgin snow and unspoilt scenery.

The high season for skiing in Greenland is in the months of March and April, and it is also during this season that the world’s toughest cross-country race, Arctic Circle Race, is held in Sisimut every year with more than 100 competitors from more than 10 countries. At certain places in Greenland it is also possible to go skiing during the summer — for example at Apussuit Adventure Camp, which is situated on the top of a glacier just 25 km (16 miles) from Maniitsoq.

  • Published: 121 days ago

Nuuk ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Greenland

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