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  • Published: 37 days ago

Ski Hungary – Hungarian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Hungary

Hungary Ski Hungary - Hungarian ski resorts

Skiing and snowboarding has become one of the favorite pastimes in Hungary in recent years. The geographical conditions and lack of snow during winter months make Hungarians frequently travel abroad in search of better skiing possibilities.

Many tourists as well as locals love to spend free time skiing in small mountains after some heavy snowfalls. Since the slopes are usually not treated with artificial snow, skiers are very weather dependant. The highest mountain in the country, the 1100 m high Kékes, has approximately 20 to 40 centimeters of snow. It’s the most popular tourist destination. There are numerous hotels, guesthouses and even small wooden huts to be rented which are surrounded by picturesque nature.

The 1.8-kilometer long runway is the longest in the country and turns skiing into a real adventure. At the top of the mountain a beautiful view is guaranteed. There are a lot of hiking trails, shops and transport links with nearby regions. While the Kékes perfectly suits to inexperienced skiers and the beginners, professionals wouldn’t be much interested as the slopes are not very steep and snow is too soft.

Those who wish more professional and speedy skiing more should go to a small village called Daloshegy where ski area is not large but slopes there are steep and suit perfectly for experienced winter sports enthusiasts. The slopes have no proper technical equipment, which means that athletes are extremely dependent on weather conditions. But beautiful nature landscapes and vistas make this place a wonderful one for skiers of all ages.

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