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  • Published: 2 days ago

Ski Latvia – Latvian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Latvia

Latvia Ski Latvia Latvian ski resorts

Latvia is a country with a great variety of landscapes. Good snowy winter attracts thousands of tourists all over the world every year. Snowboarders like the high hills and the beginners can find lower slopes to enjoy skiing. But the greatest enjoyment would feel cross-country skiers as there are a lot of cross-ski routes there. All this factors make Latvia one of the best places to spend a holiday.

The ski area Baili, which is located in Valmiera, is extremely popular among both beginners and experienced skiers. The slopes there are not very steep so there are weekend courses organized for groups of those who need to refine their skills. Numerous ski lifts and a 7 slopes make skiing there a good experience. If you wish to have a rest and enjoy some food, small huts and restaurants on slopes are open for you to visit. Both locals and tourists are free to decide which they like best – enjoy skiing or have some delicious food and socialize in a restaurant.

Snowboarders and freestyle riders are crazy about the ski area Kakisu Trase, which is situated in about 50 kilometers from Riga, the capital of Latvia. The steepest slopes in the country are right there. You will not have to wait because there are a lot of slopes and lifts there. And good snow makes skiing perfect. Not only grown ups, but kids too will enjoy skiing there as there are special programs for them. Skilled ski instructors and coaches will take care of them and provide them good training. This ski area is also suitable for adult beginners. Service is rather good there and there’s a possibility to rent equipment.

Other great area for practicing winter sports is the Reina Trase. Several lifts, and even a giant snowboard park can be found there. Cross-country skiers also like skiing in this area. One more advantage of the Reina Trase is that the slopes are never overcrowded. That makes skiing there really enjoyable. Small tournaments are held there very often. So if tired, you can just sit and relax and watch ski marathon as a spectator.

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