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  • Published: 98 days ago

Ski Lithuania – Lithuanian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Lithuania

Lithuania Ski Lithuania - Lithuanian ski resorts

There is a lot of people who associate winter holidays with Baltic states. The number of tourists visiting them in winter is larger in comparison to other seasons due to excellent natural conditions for practicing winter sports.

The biggest of three Baltic states is Lithuania with its capital Vilnius. Rather stable winters and well-groomed slopes and good infrastructure offer great possibilities for your winter holidays.

So if you wish to have excellent skiing vacation you should consider visiting Lithuania. Not only beautiful landscapes draw tourists there again and again. Skiing and snowboarding infrastructure is excellent and suited both for professionals, as well as beginners.

But you should not expect a direct flight landing at a ski resort. Major European airlines fly only to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. Then you should move further by land. No matter if you take a bus, train or a hotel shuttle, all those means of transportation can bring you to your destination. Ski resorts are situated in about 50 miles east of the capital.

Lithuanian winter resorts can offer you lots of slopes, lifts, equipment rentals and cross-country trails. There are very good opportunities for all ski lovers, so your skiing holidays should be a success. Facilities for all kinds of skiing and snowboard as well are open for you 24 hours a day.
This allows you to indulge night skiing. The slopes are romantically lit by custom lighting system.

Lithuania itself is also worth visiting. The ski resort in Anyksciai Kalita is especially popular among tourists. For those who want to escape from the snowbound landscapes for a change it is highly recommended to visit Vilnius. The architecture and remnants of Russian and German presence are very fascinating. If you like nightlife you can find there plenty of nightclubs and other places of entertainment.

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