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  • Published: 57 days ago

Ski Macedonia – Macedonian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Macedonia

Macedonia Ski Macedonia - Macedonian ski resorts

Despite being one of the most southern countries in Europe by its geographic position, Macedonia with its configuration and climate conditions, offers numerous possibilities for the development of winter sports. The wonderful mountain ranges protect the terrains below and, particularly true of Bistra and Shara Mountains, enable for a six-monthslong snow covered terrains. This is, one must admit, rarely to be found elsewhere in the world that such a micro-climateexists in Macedonia.

Skiing in Macedonia is a popular sport that is enjoyed by the local people as well as the foreign tourists. The country of Macedonia located in the southernmost part of Europe, offers great climatic condition for the sport. Skiing Alpine and Nordic is a major event held to promote the beauty of the Macedonian mountains. There are two traditional events that are organized by the Macedonian ski workers. Mavrovo Memorial Tournament and the International Alpine Skiing Tournament also known as the Shara Mountain Cup, are the two popular sports events in Macedonia that are organized by the Bistra community and the Popova Shapka respectively.

Skiing in Macedonia has been encouraged over the past few years by these two sports activities. The aim of the skiers is to reach high goals and achieve international standards. Macedonian skiers achieved this target to some extent in the last few years by winning the FIS points. Of all the sports events that are held in Macedonia, the Shara Mountain Cup is the oldest. This competition was first held in the year 1947. The area chosen for this purpose was the Ceripasina peak. Skiers from different countries like Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Bulgaria participated in the contest.

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