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Announcement: Ski Norway – Norwegian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Norway

Norway  Ski Norway - Norwegian ski resorts

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Norways spectacular and wild landscape has enabled the country to become a pioneer of the skiing world. One of southern Norway’s most popular ski resorts, Geilo is located between the imposing Hallingskarvet Mountain and the Hardangervidda (the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe).

The regions spectacular scenery and proximity to the fjords come together with a fine range of pistes, making this resort unforgettable. Geilo also has a superb reputation as a family ski resort of global standards. Its charming and definitively Norwegian character has remained untarnished despite its popularity, and modern facilities stand side-by-side with historical buildings.

Just over an hour away from Oslo by road, Norefjell is a good ski resort, with a variety of terrain suitable for all levels of skiers and some quality cross-country trails. Additionally, the resort is encompassed by majestic mountain peaks and is 15 minutes away from the lovely Lake Kroderen.

Another great ski location, Voss is located in the heart of fjord country and surrounded by glaciers and mountains. It is conveniently situated an hour from the city of Bergen, on Mount Hangur, halfway between the Sogne and Hardanger fjords. The resort has a prime location on the edge of a lake, and features a magnificent backdrop of snowy mountains. Other ski resorts in Norway include: Hemsedal, Kvitfjell, Hafjell and Lillehammer (site of the 1994 Winter Olympics).

Norway has excellent air service, with SAS being the nation’s main international carrier. Additionally, two independent airways, Braathens and Wideroe Flyveselskap, provide quick and convenient ways to get around the country. By rail, Norways network of electric and diesel-electric trains runs as far as Bodø, 100kms north of the Arctic Circle. Express trains criss-cross the mountainous terrain between Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim. Alternatively, Norways bus system is excellent, linking remote villages along the fjords. It’s also popular to travel by steamer. Those travelling by car can traverse the countrys famous fjords via bridges or with privately run ferries.

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Beitostølen ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Norway

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Geilo ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Norway

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Lillehammer / Hafjell ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Norway

Ski Lillehammer / Hafjell, Norway - Skiing and snowboarding in the Norwegian ski resort

Lillehammer / Hafjell ski resort hotel accommodation and map — Norway

Lillehammer / Hafjell ski resort hotel accommodation and map - Norway

Lillehammer hosted The Olympic Winter Games in 1994, and is known for old farms, a modern town centre and surrounding alpine skiing resorts. Lillehammer is one of Norway’s oldest winter sports destinations. The Olympic town is surrouned by good alpine and cross-country possibilities. The wide variety of alpine slopes at Hafjell provide a diverse range of skiing challenges. The alpine facility is not about crisscrossing slopes, but about long and fast continuous runs. Due to the advanced and comprehensive on-site snow-making facilities, Hafjell is a resort with reliable snow and skiing conditions throughout the entire winter ski season. All the slopes at the resort lead to the same final destination at the bottom of the hill — simple and easy.

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Trysil ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Norway

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