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  • Published: 40 days ago

Ski Portugal – Portuguese ski resorts

Ski holidays in Portugal

Portugal Ski Portugal Portuguese ski resorts

Although you may think the only kind of skiing you could try out in Portugal is water skiing you would be wrong. At the top of Portugal’s highest peak in the Serra da Estrela mountains there is a popular ski resort.

Serra da Estrela in Portugal is a small ski resort with just 4 ski lifts with only 130 metres (426 feet) of vertical descent. Serra da Estrela has 9 pistes with a total length of 7.7 kilometers (5 miles). Serra da Estrela is best suited to beginner skiers and snowboarders but there is some terrain for both expert and intermediates. We have no information about the existence of any cross country ski trails at Serra da Estrela. For snowboarders, there is a terrain park.

Located at Torre, 1,993 metres above sea level, is Portugal’s only ski resort and does have a rather short ski season lasting only a few weeks.

The resort has the name Torre (Tower) due to a past king of Portugal (Dom João VI ) insisting a building be constructed to raise the height of the place to a more impressive 2,000 metres. The tower still exists and can be seen from the resort.

The resort in comparison to its European neighbours is quite small. The slopes have five ski lifts. Though there are runs set aside specifically for snowboarding, sledging and novice skiers.

SkiParque is a newly installed dry ski slope at Manteigas in the Serra da Estrela mountains. Open all year round it givesski-fansthe opportunity to hone their skills on the slopes ready for the first fall of snow. The nearest airport is at Porto and the nearest train station to Serra da Estrela is at Covilh.

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