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  • Published: 19 days ago

Announcement: Ski Romania – Romanian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Romania

Romania Ski Romania - Romanian ski resorts

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Romania is an unknown realm for skiers. For many tourists Romania is still the country that belongs to the Eastern bloc. You can spend your vacation there both in summer and in winter. Besides, this country is really matchless if it concerns hospitality of its inhabitants.

There are such wonderful and historically significant cities there like Bucharest, Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Brasov (Kronstadt), etc. All of them have very nice architecture and scenic beauty. There are some other interesting things that are worth seeing. For example, the castle Bran, various ancient churches and monasteries, the former royal residences and Pelisor Pele, etc.

The winter tourist destinations in Romania are Carpathian ski resorts such as the so-called Schulerau -Poiana Brasov, Sinaia and Predeal. Besides, these places are also very popular with tourists because of their fresh air and beautiful scenery. In these ski areas you will find not only a great deal of holiday houses and ski huts accommodation, you will also find a great number of rather good hotels and guesthouses, nice and comfortable.

Skiing in Romania means good snow conditions for a skier. There is usually much snow there since November/December to March/April and the snow depths is usually about 50–100 cm (it usually depends on the weather conditions). In Romanian Poiana Brasov night skiing is possible. You will find there six ski areas with various lifts and a cable way. There is a snow gun there that is used when necessary. Skiers will find 9 slopes there – 3 of them are of a medium level, 3 of a difficult one and 3 of low complexity.

Romanian Predeal provide for skiers various lifts, six different slopes – four of a medium level, two light slopes, one super light slope and one slope of a difficult complexity. Snow guns make skiing possible under almost any weather conditions. The slopes are illuminated, so night skiing is also available there. There are also wonderful cross-country trails in other ski areas like Poiana Brasov and Predeal.

You can also spend a perfect vacation in Sinaia, the pearl of the Carpathians. In Sinaia area skiers will find a great number of different ski lifts and cableways, six beautiful slopes of different complexity levels and opportunities for night skiing. You will also find different restaurants and nightclubs for après-ski there. You will also enjoy different sports activities from swimming to ice skating there.

And one of the most important advantages of spending ski vacation in Romania is budget fares for using the slopes and renting skiing gear in comparison with traditional ski areas.

  • Published: 100 days ago

Poiana Brasov ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Romania

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