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  • Published: 24 days ago

Ski Russia – Russian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Russia

Russia Ski Russia Russian ski resorts

Cold and snow are guaranteed in Russia. The Urals and the Caucasus belong to the largest ski areas of the country. The Caucasus is one of the most snow-covered areas in the world. The tall, long mountain ranges invite all dream runners. This country also provides many other possibilities.

There we encounter an entirely different, colorful and exciting world. The word “hospitality” there is of a very great importance and despite usual suspicious interest to strangers, everything is done so that every traveler can feel comfortable. Sochi belongs to the Russian Riviera. There is a Russian dachas (summer houses) paradise over there. Besides, it is the place where people can make extra money for being close to the place where the Winter Olympic Games 2014 will be held. The Alpine Skiing competitions will be held in the Caucasus not far from Krasnaja Poljana. Another feature that attracts many people from abroad is banya, Russian sauna. Every skier dreams to visit one after a good day of skiing.

Unique skiing experience for those who seek for “Skiing Russia” dream offers the Caucasus. You will be raised on the top of a mountain by a helicopter and then you are free to jump down on your skis and enjoy speed and fast moving landscape around you while skiing down.

The Ural Mountains is a very popular travel destination, where the dream of “Skiing Russia” can become true. The most popular ski area there is the Absakowo, one of the largest ski resorts in the Urals. Everyone can find what he or she likes there. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, if you like slow or fast slopes, you will find it there. The total length of the slopes is 15 kilometers. Numerous ski lifts, which can bring to the ski huts on the mountain up to 3.000 people per hour, can be found everywhere. Absakowo has also a spa, which consists of two parts. So it is both a ski resort and a health and sports complex simultaneously. There you can relax after skiing, have a healing bath or go in for fitness activities.

Another ski area, one for very well equipped and trained adventurers, is Kamchatka peninsula. It is situated in the far east of the country. Kamchatka can offer slopes of volcanoes where impressive ski resorts are located. A helicopter brings a skier to the top of a mountain and the next minute he can’t hide his emotions. The slopes are not prepared, but natural. One must reach the slopes only with experienced guides and this rule must be strictly obeyed.

Thus, skiing in Russia is not mere a dream anymore. It’s for real. And which concerns accommodation there it is not a big problem no longer. There are lots of guest houses and ski huts which can become your perfect home for the period of your vacation.

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