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  • Published: 42 days ago

Ski Slovakia – Slovakian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Slovakia

Slovakia Ski Slovakia Slovakian ski resorts

Despite its small size Slovakia is still a perfect destination for winter sports of all kinds. There you will have a wide choice of skiing possibilities. This small country has more than 19 ski regions with more than 320 ski resorts and thousands of ski lifts and cableways. Besides, many resorts offerwell-groomedand beautiful trails for cross-countryskiing. Ski resorts on the south of the country are visited mostly by locals. These places are good for recreational purposes, because they are calm and not so overcrowded. Slopes there are more suitable for inexperienced skiers and children.

Since World War II lots of winter sports resorts appeared at higher altitudes. Such areas as Liptov and Horehronie appeared at the High Tatras. They are especially attractive for tourists from the neighboring countries. However, the areas of the Low Tatras such as Turiec, Orava or Kosice are also very popular with the admirers of winter sports. Equipment for making artificial snow was installed there in many winter sports centers. All of this was made to provide skiers with pure snow during warm winters.

The High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) are very popular destination for skiing in Slovakia. The impressive peaks invite sportsmen to try different kinds of winter sports. Numerous lakes, waterfalls and unique flora of the high mountains distinguish the High Tatras. On a cable car you can reach Tatranska Lomnica. Its landscape is usually depicted on postcards and shown in documentaries. This place iswell-knownamong mountain climbers.

The Low Tatras also belong to the list of very popular winter sport regions of Slovakia. There both hikers and skiers will find the best opportunities for an unforgettable vacation. The local winter sports resorts have excellent tracks that will never leave anyone indifferent. After an active day on the slopes one can relax in local saunas that are really excellent here.

The ski resorts of the Small Tatras (Mala Tatras) also have a good reputation and they are extremely popular with the beginners. The Great Tatras (Velka Tatras) also offer unique conditions for every kind of winter sports. Skiing in Slovakia is a special experience no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced skier. One can say that skiing in Slovakia, particularly in the High Tatras, really is unforgettable experience.

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