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  • Published: 280 days ago

Announcement: Ski Slovenia – Slovenian ski resorts

Ski holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia Ski Slovenia - Slovenian ski resorts

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Thinking about skiing holidays many of us think about Germany, Austria or Switzerland. And have you ever thought about visiting Slovenia during your winter vacation? This country can offer well developed ski areas equipped with all gear needed for perfect skiing. Rather inexpensive service and accommodation attract a lot of people there. There are lots of comfortable budget hotels and guesthouses right near the ski areas. This is very convenient because you don’t have to waste precious time to get to the mountains.

The major ski area is located in Golte Mozirj. Tourists have a good view of the Savinjska Valley (Sanntal) from there. Slopes of all complexity levels cover there an area of 75 hectares, so every skier can find a slope for his liking and abilities. The slopes are equipped with snow guns, so skiing there does not depend on weather conditions. And so-called snow kindergarten waits for your kids.

Prices for accommodation and meals in Slovenia are still very moderate. Maribor and Kranjska Gora are traditional winter sports resorts in Slovenia. There you can have as much skiing during the day as you like and in the evening you are offered entertaining programs. The resorts are situated on a convenient distance from the airport. Kranjska Gora is best reached from the airport of Ljubeljana, it makes a trip very easy and convenient.

There are official plans of slopes showing the relevant routes for Kranjska Gora. A tourist is free to choose a slope of any complexity level he wishes, besides, this area offers a great variety of choices for snowboarders. Specially decorated ski-buses provide shuttle traffic for holidaymakers.

Slovenia is perfectly suited not only for cross-country and alpine skiing. The growing popularity gets a ski jumping area in Planica, where competitions are often held. Even the Professional World Cup ski jumping takes place there every year. So thousands of tourists come there to have fun and enjoy winter festival.

So one can say that rich skiing traditions in Slovenia and rather low prices for services and accommodation make this country a perfect place for spending winter holidays there.

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