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  • Published: 14 days ago

Announcement: Ski Spain – Spanish ski resorts

Ski holidays in Spain

Spain Ski Spain Spanish ski resorts

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Spain is a great location for skiing. As the second most mountainous region in Europe it’s a great place to choose if you are planning a skiing holiday. Here’s a short guide to ski locations in Spain.

The Pyrenees is the most well known of ski destinations in Spain and there are a number or fantastic resorts worth skiing at. It’s not the only place you can ski in Spain however so take a look at our list of locations for more information before making your booking.

Forming the natural border between France and Spain the Pyrenees is a great place for a skiing holiday and has a large number of fantastic resorts. Ski resorts can be found in Andorra, Catalonia and Aragon. Popular resorts include Formigal and Baqueira however there are numerous others all over the Pyrenees and you are sure to find a resort to suit your holiday. With too many resorts to mention here it’s a good idea to either go on a recommendation or do a little bit of research.

Near the Costa del Sol and just half an hour from Granada offers the longest season for skiing, sometimes for over 5 months of the year. The Sierra Nevada is the most southerly skiing region in Europe and as such it is possible to enjoy both summer and winter sports in the area making it a great place for a family holiday.

From the borders of Galicia to the western limit of the Basque Mountains in northern Spain along the coastline the Cantabrian Mountains are a great alternative for someone looking to go on a skiing holiday in Spain.There are a number of resorts in the region including Alto Campoo, Manzaneda, Leitariegos, Valgrande-Pajares, San Isidro and Fuentes de Invierno. It’s another lovely location worth visiting if you are planning on skiing in Spin.

Sistema Central in the Iberian Peninsula is another great region for skiing and is more centrally situated than the others. Being close to Madrid it’s a good region to go skiing in if you would like to be more centrally situated for your holiday. Resorts in the area include Puerto de Navacerrada, La Pinilla, Valdesquí and Valdesquí.

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Baqueira-Beret ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Spain

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