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Announcement: Ski Sweden – Swedish ski resorts

Ski holidays in Sweden

Sweden Ski Sweden Swedish ski resorts

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Swedens eight thousand kilometres of coastline and forests cover 70 per cent of the countrys total land area. Naturally, there is an assortment of skiing possibilities. Southern Lapland is home to Hemavan/Tärnaby — the ski area for those seeking the great expanses with snow peaks at 1,800m above sea level.

The most famous ski resort in Sweden is Arefjallen, comfortably nestled by a large frozen lake. The resort boasts the largest ski area in northern Europe with 100kms of quality ski runs. The Freeride and Red Bull Big Air competitions are held here, in addition to the Skutskjutet (April), the worlds largest downhill race. The resort itself is comprised of ancient buildings and a busy après-ski scene, located in five distinct villages.

Storlien is situated on the Norwegian border and best known for its awe-inspiring beauty and crisp mountain air — and is also the site of the Swedish Royal familys winter chalet. All levels of ability are well catered for here, with terrain surrounded by spectacular vistas. The resort village is quaint and permeated by appealing traditional wooden chalets and bigger timber-framed buildings housing homes and shops.

Riksgransen is the world’s northernmost ski resort, situated in the extreme north of Sweden and into Lapland, near the Norwegian border. This extreme latitude gives the resort 24 hours of sunlight in the spring months, creating the perfect ski and snowboard experience. The relaxed 100-year-old ski centre offers an amazing setting but has limited services. The one hotel here has space for 500 guests and also provides the dining and après-ski entertainment. Other ski resorts in Sweden include: Bjursås, Bydalen and Sälen.

Stockholms Arlanda International Airport is 45kms away from the city centre and receives daily flights from most European capitals. Swedens bus and train systems are extensive and provide quick routes throughout the country. Buses are often the only option once you get away from the cities.

If you are travelling by car, Swedish roads are of a high standard. Because of the mountains along the border with Norway, there are limited border crossings; however, the tunnel under the Øresund, at the mouth of the Baltic, connects Malmö with Copenhagen in less than 20 minutes. Ferries are a popular method to transport to Stockholm and other cities.

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Åre ski resort holidays, hotel accommodation and map – Sweden

Ski Åre, Sweden - Skiing and snowboarding in the Swedish ski resort

Åre ski resort hotel accommodation and map — Sweden

Åre ski resort holidays, hotel accommodation and map Sweden

Åre is Sweden’s largest resort, comprising three villages along the shores of the Åresjon lake. Although this means the place is spread out (essentially, it is one long line), it manages to retain the feeling of a centralized resort thanks to a well-thought-out village centre. The three villages each have a different character, with Åre the buzzy, busy centre, Duved a little mellower and Bjornen designed with kids and families in mind.

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Sälen ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Sweden

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Stöten ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Sweden

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Duved ski resort hotel accommodation and map – Sweden

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